INEX information

Basic information about international camp
at the castle Cabrad-INEX.
26.7. – 2.8.2015

Arrival of volunteers at “Cabrad” Castle on Sunday afternoon.

How to get to the castle:

You need to travel by bus from the nearest district town “Krupina” (the town is located on the main road Šahy-Zvolen) to village “Cabradsky Vrbovok”.
The final bus stop is “Drieňovo” – so it will also appear on the station and on the bus.Buy a ticket to the bus stop:Cabradsky Vrbovok! It is about 16 km from Krupina.

Bus departures from Krupina:
(Monday – Friday): 6:20, 10:40, 15:50, 16:45, 19:10, 22:20
(Saturday):14:05, 19:10
(Sunday): 14:05, 19:05

We will wait for you at the bus stop in the middle of the village “Cabradsky Vrbovok” (there is shop and pub near by). We will meet you there and we will go to the castle (taking the baggage by a car, but people must go by foot). The castle is located about 8km from the village.
In the case someone would miss (or come sooner), immediately call the phone number: +421902381532 – Ondrej, or try to come to the castle on your own.

The way from “Cabradsky Vrbovok” to the castle by foot:
From a bus stop in “Cabradsky Vrbovok” you need to go towards the church (you see it from the bus stop) and continue alongside the church straight on the asphalt road about 4km to the rural place called “Konske”. There is no need to turn right or left – only to continue straight on a road. In the “Konske” is an old bus stop and widespread area from which leads one road to the houses (to the left) and second into the valley the road to the right) !!! In the valley is no signal.
Choose the right road going down (you can see a blue tourist sign on the way side). In the beginning it is a asphalt road but after 100 meters it change to forest road.
After a few hundred meters of descent the road enters the valley and crosses a stream. The road leads 3 kilometers along the stream into the valley, where flows the river “Litava”. There is a ford and 100 meters to the left is a bridge. Behind the bridge you will see buildings and the castle “CABRAD” on top of the hill (on the right side). Besides the largest building with red roof , a road leads up to the castle. There you will find us.

For better orientation, see the map:

Map of the Slovak Republic with the location of the capital Bratislava, town Zvolen and Krupina. Castle “Cabrad” is in the red circle.

Map of the Slovak Republic with the location of the capital Bratislava, town Zvolen and Krupina. Castle “Cabrad” is in the red circle.

Please, do not try to go for shortcuts! Terrain is difficult for orientation.

How does it look like there:

Accommodation is in the attic of the building (castle gate). There is a dry, wooden floor, mattresses are available. Heating is not there and the nights are cool. The building has 2 floors, you need to climb into it by a wooden ladder. In the castle is no electricity – only candles and own battery lamps. If you have your own tent, you can to build it in the courtyard of the castle. There is a signal (mobile phone).

For cooking we use the field kitchen on solid fuel furnace, or open fire, or a small camping gas cooker. Plates are available, you should to bring the cutlery for hygienic reasons (we have some available). It is provided a hot meal (lunch) once a day. Two nearest shops are in the village “Cabradsky Vrbovok”.

Hygienic background: outside the walls of the castle is available latrine – dry toilet. Showering is provided in improvised shower in the valley (only cold water). Drinking water is from local water sources – borehole 150 m deep, which constantly flows and water quality is without chemical treatment (laboratory tests are OK).

The castle is located in the heart of nature reserves, so you have to tolerate some limitations. The reward for this, however, is a genuine medieval experience which do not interfere with any achievements of civilization.

Organization of the day:

Cca 7:00 – wake-up call
7:30 – 8:00 – Breakfast
8:00 – 14:30 – Voluntary work. During the work there will be some short breaks for refreshment.
14:30 – Lunch
15:00 – 21:00 – Free time (games, trips, etc.)
Cca 22:00 – Bedtime (anyone who want can stay in the courtyard of the castle even longer, but without disturbing others who want to sleep)

Something about the work:

We will improve the status of castle ruins. Static defects in the masonry (holes, vaults holes …) and work around it – the preparation of stone, sand, mortar, material transport to the castle. Masonry with the original technology, called hot mortar of quicklime, which is prepared just before use and has a temperature around the 50st C.
Cleaning the Castle from the vegetation.

What do you need to bring with you:

– sleeping bag,
– clothes for work,
– clothes in the rain, raincoat
– warm clothes for night
– strong comfortable shoes
– spare shoes (sport, hiking…),
– toiletries, cutlery,
– a working torch (without it you are lost in the night)